What are French pancake shops worth in the Philippines?


After a trip of several days, or several months, you may want to try a very French specialty. Asia is full of dishes based on typicalLy French recipes. In Japan, many bakeries have opened. In Vietnam, the country keeps its occupation of dishes like Bahn mi sandwiches. And for the Philippines, pancake shops are all the rage! Indeed, there are many places dedicated to the Breton dish. What are the best places to eat a pancake in the Philippines? Why do some of them look worse? We’re going to explain everything to you today!

Pancakes in the Philippines

We’re not going to lie to you, the “good” pancake shops in the Philippines are counted on the fingers of one hand. Often run by French expatriates, the “good” pancake shops will offer you the experience of the recipes of yesteryear that are the pride of Brittany. Other pancakes adapt the recipe to the tastes of people living in the country. This is particularly the case for Café Breton restaurants, which have only the name of Brittany. Indeed, for trying their pancakes, it is with a vague disappointment that we came out of this place. Their recipes could be very good if their pancakes didn’t look like pancakes.

Filipino creperie

In addition to a limitless thickness, salted recipes are served in white flour pancakes. A heresy for anyone who has ever visited Brittany. For the local population, these pancakes are very good. Not looking for comparison, people continue to go into this kind of franchise by allowing it to prosper and open branches across the country. But are there any good pancakes in Manila?

What are the right addresses

If the good pancakes are more discreet, they do exist in the capital of the Philippines. This is particularly the case with the restaurant “The gourmet grocery store”. Based near the Makati district, the restaurant offers pancakes made in the best possible way. Fine, black wheat for salty and balanced recipes. The place also offers other French recipes such as raclettes or Lorraine quiches. But you don’t have to go all the way to Makati to find good restaurants serving pancakes.

Indeed, the Crêperie New Manila will also offer you quality recipes. Located in Quezon City, in the north of the capital, the crêperie offers very well-stocked and delicious dishes. Our advice? Try the mango and chocolate pancake.

Why are local pancakes less good?

In some restaurants, pancakes are not as we know them. This difference in taste comes from several parameters. Indeed, the ingredients used, the technique, the local culture are all differences that alter the taste and consistency of the pancakes that we have always known. Nevertheless, the various local restaurants are doing everything possible to honour this typical dish of our good old Brittany.