Where to eat a quality Banh mi in Saigon?


Banh Mi is Vietnam’s flagship sandwich. Mainly made with bread, vegetables and meat, this sandwich is one of the culinary remains of French Indochina. Introduced into the country in the 1860s, it is now one of vietnam’s best known products. If there is no shortage of street stalls offering the sandwich, there are more suitable places than others to enjoy this specialty. What are the best places to enjoy a quality Banh Mi? What foods should you avoid if you are sensitive? Today, focus on this French recipe adapted to Vietnamese fashion!

The must-see addresses

If you are going to visit Vietnam, there are some culinary specialties to try. Banh Mi is one of these specialties. But to eat a good Banh Mi in Saigon, you will have to go to specific places. Fo

r example, you can try the Huynh Hoa. It is the best known restaurant in Saigon. Open from 2:30 p.m., you can enjoy many sandwiches while enjoying Cong Vien Tao Dan Park. On the sandwich side, you can enjoy a complete dish. Indeed, the restaurant has a reputation for generously garnishing its sandwiches. In this restaurant, count 1$50 for your dish.

If you are looking for a more unusual dish, you can find the Thien Nhien restaurant. Why is this an unusual place? The restaurant offers Banh Mi topped with duck meat. For this meal, you will only have to spend 1$70. If you pass in the Binh Thanh district to the north of the first arrondissement, stop by this restaurant!

Finally, if your budget is higher, you can try the Old Compass Banh Mi Op La. This restaurant is located in the first arrondissement and offers quality Banh Mi for just over 3 dollars. Open from 8:30 a.m., after eating your sandwich, you can head to Katinat a short walk from the Old Compass.

bahn mi saigon

What’s the point when ordering a Banh Mi in Saigon?

Banh Mi is a dish you’ll have to try. But you will also have to pay attention to some unpleasant little details in your discovery of this dish. Indeed, chances are your sandwich is way too spicy for you. When you are told “too much”, you think mostly of ridiculously too spicy. For the record, the first time we tried the Banh Mi was at Huynh Hoa. After biting into a chilli, our mouth literally caught fire. It took us 30 minutes and an iced tea to get over it. So remember to ask the waiter to make you the sandwich using a little less spice. In order not to get it wrong with the different meats, you will also need to know their Vietnamese names. Thus, roasted duck is called Vit Quay, Bo for beef, ga for chicken and pork is Lon.

If you recently went to Vietnam or you live there, I strongly encourage you to rate the restaurant offering your favorite Banh Mi!