The French culture in Vietnam


From north to south of Vietnam, traces of ancient Indochina still stand in the way. France left his mark on Vietnam and over time as the country develops. From colonial buildings to a culture that has not completely deteriorated traditions. Let’s explore together the remnants of French Indochina in Vietnam.

French culture, a distribution across the country

Far from wine and national specialties, France has mostly left an architectural and culinary heritage to Vietnam. Walking around, you can come across churches or find bread. A speciality of the European hexagon, in the Banh Mi sandwich. We will have unfold more about this delicious sandwiches thru this article.

In Saigon, you can find the big post office. A huge and beautifully worked building. Its architecture was designed by Auguste Henri Vildieu. Its architecture was signed by Gustave Eiffel himself! It was erected between 1886 and 1891 by the French Post Office to maintain communication with Europe. Still used as a post office today, it attracts thousands of tourists every year who have made this place a must-see when you visit Saïgon. In addition, there are many souvenir shops waiting for you inside. However, prefer to buy your souvenirs at Ben Thanh Market where you can negotiate merchandise prices.

France at vietnam bahn mi

The centre not left behind

In the centre of Vietnam, you can find the city of Da Lat. Here, the whole city keeps track of the French colonies. An entire village of European-looking houses will welcome you to this place that seems frozen in time. Indeed, closer to the hexagonal climate. Da Lat was chosen so that the French of Indochina would get used to the country as best they could. The city has a mild temperatures that completely contrast the heat of Saigon.

To the north, it is the region and especially the city of Hanoi that keeps the traces of the French settlers. No surprise to find in this city the exact replica of the opera Garnier de Paris. But from the president’s palace to the old town, you can easily distinguish the European architectural leg.

Where to eat French in Vietnam?

If you really miss the taste of France during your trip, know that there are some quality French restaurants spread in different cities. Here, we recommend the restaurant “La cuisine” above all. Based in Saïgon, this restaurant will take you back to flavours that will not be unknown or very exotic to you. On the menu, Caesar salad, sautéed veal or fish in papillote. The Chef is French to sealed the authenticity and to complete the French cuisine expérience.