Katinat, Vietnamese-style coffee


Do you find yourself in the center of Saigon early in the morning or in the afternoon? Would you like to take a break to cool off? Stop at Katinat Café in Saigon! This typical-looking coffee shop will make your taste buds travel with its choice of hot or cold drinks. There is also a panel of homemade pastries on site. But what to find at the Katinat of Ho Chi Minh City? How do I get there? Together, we will provide you with answers to these questions.

What can you find at the Katinat in Saigon?

Katinat in Saigon is a perfect place if you like good coffee. Away from industrial Starbucks, you can find here the traditional taste of Vietnamese coffee. Opened for several years, the café located in District 1 offers regular customers the best drinks in the city. In the purest Vietnamese tradition, Katinat offers healthy products. As for the beverages, you can of course find the famous Cà Phe Da, prepared in the same way throughout Vietnam since 1857. The difference between a coffee in Katinat and a street café? The quality of the coffee itself.

Indeed, it is roasted from robusta seeds from a single species growing only in Vietnam. You don’t like coffee? Don’t panic! The place also offer many other cool drinks to withstand the heat of Saigon’s street. You can find all kinds of fruit tea, smoothies, or hot chocolates. As for delicacies, the place offers many pastries to satisfy all the little hungers. We recommend the homemade tiramisu, such a real treat. Finally on the budget side, count between 2 euros and 4 euros per person. A much more interesting value for money that will discourage you from going to the competition.

Katinat coffee

Vietnamese-style coffee is easy!

Can’t go to Vietnam or have a reputable Vietnamese restaurant next door? The Monkey team in Asia to the solution! We’ll share with you our recipe for Cà Phe Da so you can get away for a cup! To make this coffee, it’s
very simple! You’ll need to start with :

  • 2 tablespoons robusta coffee (if possible Trung Nguyen gourmet coffee)
  • 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
  • A few ice cubes
  • A piston coffee maker.

Use the piston kind coffee maker to make your coffee. Allow it to cool a little and add the condensed milk. Place the ice cubes in another glass. Once the coffee has cooled sufficiently, pour over those ice cubes. At least, it’s ready! You can now enjoy a cup of taste trip to the Vietnamese lands.