Bohol, discover the chocolate mountains


A cult place in the southern Philippines named Bohol is home to beautiful natural landscapes. From its mountains to its wildlife, the place has something to charm tourists passing by. Indeed, beneath this hilly landscape are many legends that will make you forget your daily routine. The little visited Bohol Chocolate Mountains will also offer you the calm you can look for when travelling. But what’s behind this intriguing place? How do I get there from Manila? Today, let’s focus on this beautiful little corner of the Philippines.

The history of the chocolate mountains

The island of Bohol is huge, it’s no wonder it has its share of history and legends. On its 5,000 km2, many fables have emerged. Let me share some of the foretold stories behind the history of the chocolate mountains. According to legend, they formed following the dispute of two giants in time immemorial. After this altercation which lasted several days, the two antagonists concluded a truce and left the island then devastated by their fight. The many kicks and groundstrokes would have formed this magnificent landscape that we can contemplate today. Like the legend of Ha Long Bay, this story is passed down from generation to generation.

The reality is much less fanciful, but still a geological enigma to this day. Indeed, no scientist has yet found the official origin of the chocolate mountains. The only hypothesis at present would be that a coral build-up would have formed about two million years ago on the island. With time and numerous earthquakes, the water would have receded leaving this fertile landscape in the open air. Lastly, its name comes from the fact that during summer, its green color gives way to a chocolate chestnut contrasting with the surrounding palm trees.

Bohol’s highly developed wildlife

The Bohol region hides many wild specimens. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, you can find the Tarsier. This fearful little monkey in the process of extinction abounds on the island of the mountains. But this monkey is far from the only exceptional specimen to see in Bohol. Scuba divers with luck will be able to spend some time with the gigantic whale sharks. These marine animals usually reach 14 m long.

On the banks, you can meet the leopard cat or the spectacular giant bats of the Philippines. The latter measure at least 1 m 50 wingspan!

bohol shark whale-min

How do I get there?

There are several ways to reach Bohol from Manila. First, you can choose the simplest and fastest solution: the plane. By air transport, the journey will take you only 1 hour and a 30 minutes. You will have to go to Manila airport and get to Tagbilaran airport in Bohol. On site, you can then travel the island using different means of transport such as buses or jeepneys
. For a longer crossing, you can take one of the different ferries and go by sea. Be careful though, the journey will take you around 24 hours to reach the island of Bohol. On arrival, the island’s own flora and fauna will welcome you and transport you to a world very different from the one you walk on a daily basis.