Top 7 things to see in Saigon


If you are planning a trip to the city of Ho Chi Minh, you will quickly be amazed by the many beautiful things to see there. Indeed, the city mixes modernity and tradition. It is not uncommon to walk a street full of advertising screens and, at the turn of a street parallel to it, find yourself in a place with a more traditional atmosphere. This mixture of culture draws the face of the city and makes the locals proud. But what should you see if you’re in the capital of Vietnam? What are the most unusual places to see in Saigon? We will explore the city in our case today.

The Palace of Reunification

Former headquarters of the French colonial government in Indochina, the palace of original reunification was built between 1868 and 1873. Bombed in 1962, it was rebuilt shortly after narrowly escaping demolition. It then served as a presidential palace for almost 10 years. Composed of almost 100 rooms, it now welcomes many visitors from all over the world. Inside, you can find a cinema room, many offices, but also beautiful reception rooms. In its huge garden, many vintage cars and other war vehicles are also on display.

Ben Thanh Market

The Ben Thanh market is a must for your stay in Vietnam. Walking through the narrow aisles of this market will allow you to make your souvenir purchases. Its architecture, atmosphere and the flavour of the night place will leave you dreaming. During the day, you can negotiate the most beautiful fabrics of the country or walk through the aisles of enclosures to find your happiness. In the evening, the place turns into an impressive street restaurant. Pho, nems and other fried products await you and will delight your taste buds.

The Central Post Office of Saigon

Built in 1891, the central post office is one of the many places to see in Saigon. Initially, the central post was built so that the French of Indochina could correspond with the country of Molière. The metal frame is designed by Gustave Eiffel himself. Inside, you can find many telephone booths that have only the wooden structure. Linger on the walls of the building and contemplate the plan of Saigon. Finally, you can also take the opportunity to send a postcard to your loved ones. Indeed, the place still serves today as a post office.

The botanical and zoological garden

Here you can enjoy 12 hectares of greenery right in the centre of the city. Unlike western metropolises, Asian cities are built around nature. Located in the first arrondissement, this place is full of exotic plants. Orchids, bonsai, ornamental trees and cacti are the reputation of this place. The botanical garden also has a small zoo. In the latter, you can discover more than a hundred reptiles.

The Giac Lam Pagoda

Arriving at the Giac Lam pagoda, what you will immediately notice is its huge 7-storey Stupa. This huge tower was originally designed to contain reliquaries containing the remains of the Buddha or any other saint. The temple itself is one of the oldest temples in the city. Built in 1744, the place underwent many renovations. On the spot, silence is required and you will have to leave your shoes at the entrance of the temple if you want to visit the interior.

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Vietnam’s Museum of Traditional Medicine

This is perhaps the most unusual place to see in Saigon. This small museum will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of traditional Vietnamese medicine. Across each floor lies a magical place filled with history, herbs and potions that still have many beneficial effects today. The Fito Museum is presented in a traditional house. However, don’t be surprised when there is an elevator on site. This will prevent you from going up and down the 6 different floors that make up the building.

The Ao Dai Museum

Located outside the city, you won’t have to miss this place under any circumstances. Ao Dai is the traditional Vietnamese outfit. It consists of wide trousers as well as a long tunic. The Ao Dai Museum will take you through time and present you with the many tunics. From women’s politicians’ outfits to those worn by famous local actresses, the elements in this museum are real national jewels. Then visit the sumptuous garden that makes up the property. If you are travelling by taxi, consider asking the driver to wait for you for the visit. This one shouldn’t take more than three hours.