Top 5 culinary specialties from Cebu


When you travel, it’s important to eat local to completely experience the scenery and enjoy your holiday to the fullest! If you are planning a trip to the southern Philippines, you will definitely have to go through Cebu and its region. This region is rich in small dishes and can satisfy your culinary expectations. But what are Cebu’s signature dishes? In our article, we offer you the 5 specialties to try if you go to Cebu!

The Lechon

Cebu lechon is the dish to test if you pass in this region. This roast pork recipe is unique and gives the meat a taste and consistency that remains specific to the region. Indeed, to recognize a good lechon, the skin of the pig must be brittle and not elastic. Many restaurants allow you to eat a very good lechon. If we’re going to get a place, you have to try Rico’s Lechon. Known throughout the city, this restaurant will offer you the best lechon in the area.


Sutukil is a local fish dish cooked in the Philippines style. Cebuanos love to eat grilled meats. Here, sutukil is a fish grill cooked in vinegar. The restaurants that offer sutukil will allow you to choose your fish and how it is cooked. You can also opt for Kinilaw, the local version of sashimi. If you are looking for a good place to eat sutukil, you can try your luck in the different Kalinderia of the city. If you can’t find your happiness in these street kitchens, the Smiley Native Sutukil Larsian restaurant will satisfy you.


Grilling is almost Cebu’s local specialty. As you will have understood with our first two subjects, each food is a pretext for grilling in the Cebu region. Pork, fish, but also chicken or beef, a wide range of specialties will be available and will adapt to your preferences. In addition, each restaurant has its own grill sauce recipe. It will then be impossible to find twice the same taste of grilling by trying the different restaurants of the city. Finally, grills are often cheap, count 15 pesos a skewer, which will allow you to eat without touching too much of your holiday budget.

Puto Maya and Sikwate

Would you like to have a typical local breakfast? Away from the tapsilog, the Cebu region offers a sweeter sweetness. Puto Maya is a ball of sticky rice mixed with coconut and ginger. Often served with a mango, it never separates from Sikwate, a sweet cocoa that will allow you to soak your rice. A sweet salty mixture that will wake you up gently.

cebu specialties

Cebu’s mango specialties

The Philippines is also well known for its tasty mangoes. In Cebu, you’ll find many specialties designed from the fruit. You can first find Cebu’s famous dried mango. Presented in a green pouch, very recognizable, this specialty is available all over the country.

But if you’re looking for a unique mango dish, you can try mango pizza. The pizza consists of mangoes, cashews, green peppers and cheeses. Suffice to say right away that if you don’t like the pineapple version of pizza, don’t try this last specialty!