The Legend of Ha Long Bay


Asia is a continent built on legends. This folklore has allowed peoples to forge a common identity. Indeed, many similarities can be found in the different countries that make up this territory. The same divine creatures can be found in China or Japan, sometimes even with the same name. But if a cryptide is common to all of Asia, it is the dragon. But then, what does the dragon have to do with Ha Long Bay? How can you make the most of this place during your holiday? Focus on this magical region of Vietnam.

The mighty dragon, creator of the bay

Asian dragons are very different from Western dragons from Arthurian legends. In Asia, the dragon has no wings. It floats in the air thanks to the ridge it obtains as it evolves. A long snake with small legs, it is often associated with different elements such as water, fire and earth. Finally, all Asian dragons have a specific name. In Vietnam, there are several legends related to the Ha Long Bay dragon.

The most common is that the Emperor of Jade sent the mother-dragon and her cubs to protect the Vietnamese from the wars around them. On their way down to Earth, the Dragon and his offspring would have sown many jade jewels and a multitude of pearls in the sea. By touching the water, these precious stones would have turned into huge rocks still visible today, preventing invaders from reaching the coast of Vietnam.

ha long bay

Another legend tells that a dragon had lived in the place for centuries. One day, he broke the rocks and surrounding mountains with his tail while moving violently. The steep place then let the water pass from the sea which covered this new land. Only the peaks of the ancient mountains remained proudly out of the water.

legends in contemporary times

When and how to enjoy the place

To make the most of Ha Long Bay, you’ll have to choose the right time of year. For example, it is advisable to visit the bay between January and May to avoid being inconvenienced by the intense summer heat. You will also need to check the typhoon warnings before you leave. As these thunderstorms are particularly severe, it is not advisable to travel the waters of the bay in these periods for safety reasons.

Although the legend differs from source to source, the main theme remains the same. In fact, Ha Long means in Vietnamese “the place where the dragon descends from the sky into the sea.”

The dragon is an important and sacred animal in Vietnam. It is said that every Vietnamese has sacred dragon blood in his veins. Indeed, a legend tells that the dragon king married a fairy who gave birth to the first hundred Vietnamese. A very common proverb in Vietnam even says that his people are “Son of the dragon, grandson of a fairy.” We will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the history of Asian cryptids in several other banknotes.

Once your trip is planned, it will take you 2 to 3 days to enjoy the beauty of the place. Guests can also opt for a cruise on the bay. If the specialized boats bring together up to 20 people and understand all the comforts possible. The small private junks will be more intimate and allow you to enjoy a truly typical trip on the calm waters of the bay. And who knows, perhaps by looking at the emerald-colored waters of the place you will be able to discern the shapes of the mythical creatures that have forged the history of the country.