Samgyupsal, Korea on your plate


Today, we’re going to experience Korean catering craze that entices our cravings for exquisite korean taste. Samgyupsal is a restaurant that blooms the flavors of Korea. But what can we actually find there? How to eat a Korean barbecue? We’re going to experience it all together, since korean bbq restaurants has been rampant all over the metro. Just be prepared for the long lines as everyone loves to satisfy their k-ravings.

Samgyupsal, Korea’s specialty

So here we are in this restaurant, around this weird machine. We’re waiting for our meal. A large chimney in the middle of the table will be used to remove smoke so that the fat does not stagnate in the air. First, condiments are serve along with various appetizers such as vegetables, dried and spicy fish, cuttlefish and the famous Kimchi. The plates are on and we understand that the cooking will be comparable to what could be done on a plancha with charcoal underneath. Once the grilling plates are hot, were brought the main elements of our barbecue: thin slices of pork and beef.

The first step is very simple, just place the meat on the plancha and don’t forget to turns sides of the meat. Then, the technique consists of taking a salad leaf and wrapping the meat in with vegetables and fish (as it suits). Be careful though, most of the condiments are spicy. You’ve been warned now if you try samgyupsal for the first time!

Kimchi, the cabbage sauce Seoul

Ah the famous kimchi. We were a little mindful about touching it. More against its pungent side than for the fermented cabbage side. After all in France, we know a lot about cabbage dishes. Like all new flavors, we do not hesitate. We do not sniff the product. Instead, we ingest and then we see. As expected, it was pungent. For taste, you can barely smell the cabbage scent. Our whole place is under fire cloud of bbq spices and flavor. In this particular kimchi that we’re experiencing, maybe it had been ill-prepare or it might be the authentic taste of kimchi. We will have more comparison data in a few months.

Wrapping the meat and salad leaf goes well together, satisfying our. We tasted with rice and it’s still good. If you don’t have Samgyupsal near you and want to taste Korea, we’ll give you one that u can see below. Just know that you will have to be patient during the fermentation of the cabbage.

Samgyupsal Korea kimchi-min

Kimchi is simple

So you’ll need a cabbage, 2 tablespoons of coarse salt, 75 grams of sugar, 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 80 ml of nuoc-mâm sauce, 25 g of Korean pepper (you can find it in Asian grocery stores online.). You will also need 3 cm of ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, 50 g of carrots and half an apple.

To start, you will have to cut the cabbage in 4 length and arrange it in a bowl. Sprinkle with salt and 25g of sugar and bathe in 75 ml of water. Let it rest for a whole night as fermentation begins to do its work. Finely chop the garlic, ginger and apple. Cut the carrots into thin sticks. Mix soy and nuoc-mâm sauces, ginger, garlic, chilli and what’s left of sugar. Pour 25 ml of water and try to get a thick paste. Add apple and carrots to complete the mixture. Take the cabbage out of the mixture and after draining it (put the brine aside),- add it to the dough so that all the leaves are soaked.

Last step: arrange the pickled cabbage in a sterilized jar. Then place the brine on the cabbage and close the jar. Put it in the fridge and forget about it for a good week before you can enjoy it. Once opened, keep it in the fridge and eat it quickly.