Macau, exploring the city at casinos


Between casinos and nightlife, this Asian city is a truly a typical place. Formerly European territory, colonized by the Portuguese, Macau is now considered the Asian Las Vegas. Thousands of Chinese go there every year to meet their gambling needs. Macau is a separate city in the People’s Republic of China. Like Hong Kong, it has special treaties that allow gambling. But why is Macau the only place where it is possible to find casinos in China? What happened in this city? Today we will look at the city of Macau and its many casinos.

Macau’s history

Colonized by the Portuguese in 1557, the territory of Macau quickly became a lush colony. Obtained in a pacifist way, the place gradually takes on the appearance of a small Lisbon on the Silk Road. This colony first allowed the Portuguese to benefit from a more advanced counter in Asia. The previous one is in Cochin, India. Thanks to this new anchor in Asia, new trade opportunities were opened up between China and Europe.

But Macau is also a good place to trade with Japan. By opening up trade with this new country, the colony in Macau could then make the city prosper. Prosperity that does not please the Dutch. The latter engaged in many battles with the city. The most famous event took place one morning in June 1622. Arriving with the firm intention of taking the city, the Nordic invaders lost the battle and more than 300 men in just 2 days. Over the centuries, and after multiple attacks, the city was entirely ceded to the Portuguese. The annual tax introduced at the beginning of the Portuguese occupation by China was also suspended. Mandarins who have been on the site for generations are also driven from their lands.

Remaining neutral during world war II, the country welcomed the Chinese taking refuge from the Japanese occupation. It was not until December 20, 1999 that the territory became Chinese again. Nevertheless, Macau retains its own currency and special authorizations, especially for gambling.


Macau Casinos, a place to play for the Chinese

If you’re looking for casinos in the People’s Republic of China, you won’t find them! Gambling is prohibited in the territory. But then how do the Chinese satisfy this passion? That’s where Macau comes in! Boasting laws and special statutes thanks to its colonial past, the city saw the flowering of many casinos in the 2000s. Thanks to this prime location, many Chinese spend their holidays in Macau. In 2010, thanks to this influx, the city even broke the record of revenue reported by the game of another big city: Las Vegas. Today, along with the Philippines, the place is still one of the favorite places of the people of the People’s Republic of China.