The environmental benefits of containment in the Philippines


It has been a month since the various islands that make up the Philippines have been closed for a month now. In Manila, the situation is much stricter. Outgoing roads are blocked, the army is roaming the streets, a curfew has been put in place in the city and the sale of alcohol is completely prohibited. Somehow this situation reflects positivity. With the cessation of all human activities, the country is undergoing significant environmental transformations as effect. Questions then arise. What are the different changes noticed in the land of smiles? Why are the changes so strong? What impact does this have on local wildlife? Together, we will look at the environmental benefits of containment in the cities of this beautiful country.

A landscape that changes completely

In the capital, many things have totally changed. First, the temperature. Indeed, without the constant pollution, the streets quickly became cooler. Buses, jeepneys, and even personal cars and taxis are no longer allowed. Standstill engines and combustions are lowering the temperature of the streets. As the air has cooled, it also purifies itself. The city has been one of the most polluted places on the planet for many years. From the first day of confinement, many changes could be seen. In the city centre, you could finally see the mountains off Marikina tens of kilometres away. In addition, the smog was so thick that it could be visible to the naked eye on some days. All this is now over, the air is much purer and breathable.

Environmental benefits, life gradually takes its place

Thanks to this loss of human activity, life resumes in the cities and countryside of all the islands. In the Mountains of Bohol, tarsiers can quietly take advantage of spring to breed. The tourists have deserted the mountains chocolate, the calm has returned for these adorable little beasts.

environmental beneficial tarsier-min containment

As for the aquatic life, the stop of the many tourist boats allowed many pink jellyfish to take over the place again. Other jellyfish of different species have also appeared in all waters bordering the country. Finally, in Manila also in many other cities, many kinds of wild birds reappear. They offer us the pleasure of their presence and come early in the morning to awaken the inhabitants of their powerful songs. At present, these important environmental benefits due of the containment can be welcomed. Unfortunately, in a few weeks the ultra-polluting jeepneys will be back in service. Buses will resume their dance and boats will carry more and more tourists. The country will start from where it left off.