Coronavirus : stay zen during containment


Like most people in the world, you have been stranded at your home for weeks. The call from the outside is getting louder and louder. The situation is unprecedented and at the very least very stressful. No one knows how long the containment will be maintained, and whether the resources will be significant enough for everyone. But don’t panic, there are many things at your disposal to calm down and keep the Zen spirit during this confinement. Of course, there are many questions. How do I pass the time? How do I stay zen during confinement? We explain everything in this article.

Use the tools at your disposal

The good news is that you have many things in your home to keep you busy. Your phone allows you to download many apps to keep you occupied during the lockdown. You will then have the choices from the applications that allow you to work on yourself. “Little bamboo”, “Calm” or “Respirelax” these apps will allow you to take a break to relieve all your tensions.

You can also connect to a VOD service and enjoy a complete catalogue of film and series. Most services also offer plenty of choices for children. Perfect for keeping them busy for few hours.

Stay zen stay calm

Many instructional gym and yoga videos in YouTube promotes good health and allow your body to stay in shape during this idle time.

Moreover, many publisher sites like Asmodee offer games to print. To name a few : “Unlock”, “Sherlock Holmes” or “Corinth”, these will allow you to pass time faster.

Don’t stress

The most important thing to take into account in this dark period is not to give in to panic. Avoid unnecessarily stress that gathered thru social media and news. Ask yourself the right questions: can my stress, anxiety and panic will help and fix the situation? Is it rational to think shortages of basic needs and resources? If you answer is “no” to all of these questions, you are on the right perspective.

Stay away from the anxiety information as possible. Information is good, but you have to learn how to measure facts. The current flow of details doesn’t help you stay zen. Turn off your info alerts on your phone and computers. This simple gesture, will greatly reduce your stress level.

The only solution is to stay calm. Take advantage of this time to learn new things for yourself. Reflect about what you want to change and gain after containment. Enjoy the presence of your family. Cook a sumptious meal, play and draw with the children. Be creative and stay calm!