Casa Manila, visit the historical past


At the turn of the high cobbled street of the Intra-muros district, you can find the casa Manila. This place is filled with history that will take you back in time and life during the colonial times. But what are you going to find inside? As a little history never hurts, let’s pass together the veil of time and explore this place where everything seems to have been frozen.

Casa Manila, a period re-enactment

What you need to take into account first is that you are going to visit a reenactment. Almost all of Manila was destroyed by shelling during the war of 1945. It was in 1980 that the Casa Manila was born following the model of the Casa San Nicolas, an old monument of 1850 which unfortunately disappeared today.

To get there, enter Intra-muros and then go to the end of the main street and turn left. You can’t miss this place. along a cobbled avenue, a large villa stands before you. Its architecture consists of carved stones and carved wood. From the outside, it’s already a treat for lovers of old monuments. You will have to pay only 70 pesos for the visit.

casa manila

Discover everyday objects

What makes Casa Manila so charming are the period objects furnishing its entire interior. When you get home, a large staircase takes you to the patio. Here, it is forbidden to leave the area bounded by the thick red carpet. On the edge of the large hall, you can find 3 bedrooms overlooking the magnificent courtyard. The old carved wooden four-poster beds are all equipped with large screens.

Then comes the time to go upstairs, and that’s something else. Reception room, music room, small chapel all staged to make you relive the end of the 19th century.

casa-manila inside

At the edge of the kitchen, a guard stops us. He offers to go back and visit more closely. No carpet on the ground, we tend to be wary, and after a great hesitation we cross the threshold. Unusually, he begun to give us a history lesson. He shows us the latrines, introduces us to the period freezers, and showed us the dining room with smaller seats for the ladies and the various irons. We also learn that 2 different chocolate containers were used. One for men fills with quality chocolate and the other for women.

The courtyard and its fountain

On leaving the building, you can find the stables on the edge of the courtyard. The central fountain is also of quality and “instagrammable” as they like to say here. A trip to the Philippines without going through Intramural would be a big mistake. These places are steeped in history and will offer you a journey to the past time.