Palawan, the best place to spend your holidays?


The Republic of the Philippines comprises more than 7,641 islands, rich in biodiversity and natural beauty. It made the Philippine archipelago named as the pearl of the Orient Seas. One of the most visited is Palawan, home of nature reserves. It is located at west of the main island. They are home to many places of interest to tourists from all over the world. From Coron to the sandbanks of Balabac Island to Puerto Princesa. There are many magical places to welcome you in this heavenly setting. If you want to spend a holiday in these islands of the Philippines, you will have to ask yourself the right questions. What can you see in Palawan? What activities are on site? How do you get to these different places? Today, let’s go on vacation to Palawan!

The best places to spend your holidays in Palawan

In Palawan, there are many places that can allow you to have a unique moment. In addition, the islands that make up the Palawan Archipelago are just heavenly! Among the places to see, you can spend some time in Coron. On site, it won’t be hard to think you’re in Ha Long Bay. Many huge rocks emerge from the clear waters promising you an extraordinary décor.

In the centre of Palawan, you can find the city of Puerto Princesa. This city will offer you many places for your night out. Bars, restaurants, discos everything is at your disposal to spend crazy evenings. If the call of the sea is strong, you can count on the many coves that surround the place. In addition, reaching these places is very simple. All you have to do is use the various tricycle services. By indicating your destination and for a few pesos, the driver will be happy to take you wherever you want around the city.

All around the main island, you can enjoy the sandbanks in the open sea. These courses are unique plots that will allow you to spend a moment away from everything. By taking a trimaran, you can reach these islands and spend time away from the hustle and bustle of tourism.

The various activities available in this region

Throughout the country, each region has its specialties and attractions. In Palawan you can find many activities related to diving, but it will also be possible to experience beautiful things on land. To the south of the island, you can discover the taboons of Tabon. These caves have the distinction of having housed the first men. Indeed, this place is known to have seen the evolution of the oldest human civilization. A national museum, dug naturally into the rock.

The north of the island allows you to enjoy the sumptuous beaches of El Nido. Long strips of fine sand and extremely transparent water await you. The coconut trees bard the 4 kilometers of beach, the place is really paradise. The water is warm and you can rent a cabin on the beach. You will wake up in this idyllic place and enjoy the beach from the early hours of dawn. In the same place, you can also scuba dive and explore fabulous submerged places.    

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You can also enjoy the underground rivers. These, more than 8 km long, are considered the 7th wonder of the natural world. To get there, you’ll have to cross the jungle. Don’t forget to take some fruit with you, the monkeys on the way are very food-seeking. A pass that will allow you to join your boat for a magnificent cruise through this natural excavation.

Getting around Palawan

To get around the island and its surroundings, you will have a choice. Of course, to go from island to island, you can use the different trimarans made available to you by the locals. In and around the cities, you can use the tricycles. Finally, to get around the island, many bus services will be available. You can also borrow jeepneys, former military vehicles, that are the pride of the country. A trip to Palawan is a unique holiday experience to live at least once in your life. The richness of the island, the different places to visit, and the breathtaking landscapes make this place a dream place that will satisfy your holiday.