Coronavirus : The situation in Asia


The news is going in all directions lately. As the coronavirus crisis is unprecedented, newspapers are panicking and launching everything they can find even the craziest theories. Fortunately, Asia is beginning to heal his wounds. Some countries have even managed the epidemic very well using radical but effective means. What methods have these countries put in place? What is the situation in Asia at the moment? We will see that in the following lines.

China, the epicenter of the epidemic

Action in China has been very rapid. Indeed, many medical facilities have been set up in less than 10 days. Strict containment is currently still in place and the epidemic peak has been quickly reached. As far as the numbers are concerned, there is a good chance that they will be truncated. Of the 80,000 confirmed cases, 3,000 deaths are recorded. If the numbers are good, not experiencing a high mortality is about three key points:

  • Strict and fully respected containment
  • A responsiveness of the Chinese authorities
  • The complete closure of the borders with the outside world

In South Korea

South Korea has seen its number of infected people rise as a result of the religious gathering of devotees. Patient Zero then infected a large part of the population. The virus was quickly brought under control, it was due to rapid reactivity on the part of the government. The tests were deployed on a large scale to reach 20,000 citizens tested per day. Containment and border closures were also imposed. This rapid response allowed them to treat the majority of the population. South Korea experienced only 180 deaths during the entire crisis.

In Singapore

In Singapore, the problem was taken differently. There has been no mass confinement in the country. Many screening tests have been put in place. The stores were not closed and the economy was able to continue. Moreover, the death toll is extremely limited in Singapore. In fact, the country has only 6 deaths per 1,200 people infected. The secret? A full investigation into the lives of the inhabitants. Infected people had to give contact information to all the people they had interacted with. Moreover, the authorities investigated thanks to the numerous cameras available throughout the country. Thanks to the images collected, the infected people were able to be tracked. Thus, their identified close or distant contacts could be tested and discarded. A targeted containment therefore, a very effective which has not paralyzed the country.

situation in asia -coronavirus

In the Philippines

Containment took place real quick in the Philippines. From the first 5 deaths, President Duterte took the appropriate measures to close Manila. The majority of non-vital businesses have been closed. Numerous roadblocks have taken place on all the outlying roads of the capital. In recent days, measures have been strengthened in front of people’s incivility. Anyone who violates confinement and curfew risks jail. Moreover, the President’s orders were very clear: in case of violence, the military and the authorities are ordered to fire without warning.

The situation Asia, the other countries

Finally, other Asian countries has their shared reports. In Vietnam, for example, the army maintains strict confinement. For example, the country with a few cases of coronavirus has not reported deaths due to the disease.

In North Korea, the situation is a little different. The regime has ordered the killing of anyone who is ill or presumed to be ill. Thus, at the beginning of the crisis. A commercial agent returning from China was executed by the army while he was relaxing in the public bath.

While the virus still kills many people in States and Europe, the situation in Asia is gradually improving. The continent is finally healing the wounds of what could be one of the greatest crisis of the century.